KFC Is Testing a Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ Sandwich in the UK

The most iconic fast food chicken chain KFC has announced a release of a vegan chicken sandwich across the 900 locations it has in the UK.

This menu is named the ‘Zero Chicken’.

The sandwich will be made with Quorn products that are based on mycoprotein, an ingredient made from a dried fungus which is later mixed with egg albumen or vegan potato protein.

In the KFC case, the Quorn chicken will be seasoned with KFC herb and spice blends.

KFC’s Movement towards Meat-Free Menu Options

The UK KFC has been experimenting with vegan meal choices throughout the last year.

According to innovation KFC director, veganism has been a rising trend and they’re currently working on providing vegan and vegetarian choices in their restaurants.

But, this won’t be a bean patty as it apparently disappoints vegans, claims the director, and suggests that a plant-based chicken will become available in KFC restaurants.

The popular chicken chain announced its efforts to try meatless chicken in May, 2019 as a part of the effort to provide healthier choices to its consumers.

Victoria Robertson, head of food innovation for the brand in the UK explains that they’re aware of people’s higher passion for eating better and so they’re facing a major challenge in the perception shift of what they’re offering.

KFC chose Quorn as a partner in their vegan endeavors and not another brand like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat that are one of the most popular names in the world of plant-based alternatives.

2019 Was a Major Year for Plant-Based Fast Food Options

2019 was indeed a very important year for plant-based pork and beef at some of the most popular choices at the US fast food chains.

For example, Beyond Meat began appearing up on menus at Del Taco, Subway, and Carl’s Jr. Moreover, Impossible Foods made the headlines by partnering with Burger King and Odoba.

2020 may become even more monumental as there have been rumors about the biggest burger chain McDonald’s launching a vegan menu.

What If the Vegan Chicken Proves to Be Popular among Consumers?

If it goes well, KFC may test it out in other markets besides the UK.

Even though Quorn isn’t the premium name in the plant-based alternative world, it’s not a small player.

In 2018, it brought in around $31 million.




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