In an Effort to Fight Off Climate Change, Massive Attack Announce Travelling by Train

The globally-popular English musical group with numerous music awards and more than 13 million album copies sold has announced travelling by train for the purposes of their EU tour.

This comes as a part of their effort to fight off climate crisis.

The bend has already been loud about the anti-climate change movement and one of their members, Robert Del Naja, said that they want to avoid planes to reduce their contribution to climate change.

Being musicians, they have lived a high-carbon lifestyle; however, they add that we had little choice in that because we’ve all existed in an economy fueled by fossil fuel as a society.

There’s Urgent Need of Making Personal Sacrifices

For the bend, business as usual has come to an end and they’re now trying to make personal improvements and changes, but also insist about the need for change in the system.

The bend has been reported to donate 4 years of their tour data to a report on the music industry’s carbon footprint that is planned to be done by the Manchester University.

This research will be aimed at 3 important segments where carbon emissions are produced- band travel and production, venue, and audience transport.

Musicians Dedicated to Make the World a Better Place

In April last year, the bend made a surprise appearance at the Extinction Rebellion protest in front of the crowd at the London Marble Arch.

They’ve also signed the Music Declares Emergency Campaign pushing those from the music industry to take the necessary steps in fighting climate change.

They announced that their show in Liverpool this summer will be super low-carbon and that it will take place at a-yet-unrevealed venue and on a date still to be confirmed.

However, what’s known is that it’s a part of the Good Business Festival- a new global organization trying to bring positive changes from businesses.

The concert will show a major reduction of the band’s carbon footprint, as well as of their transport, catering, crew, production, and merchandise, and transport of the crowd to and from the concert.





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