This Classroom Experiment Is the Perfect Reason why We must Wash Our Hands

This teacher is asking from its students and their parents to wash their hands regularly after she shared the results of her classroom’s experiment.

These months are known to be the strongest when it comes to the flu. According to the CDC, 30 states, particularly the southern ones like Louisiana, Texas, etc. are already witnessing flu activity.

Preliminary results have shown that there have been around 1.7 to 2.5 million flu cases throughout the nation between October and November.

Luckily, there are beneficial methods we can take in order to keep the virus away. This behavioral specialist from Idaho is trying to spread awareness about hand washing through a viral post.

Science Project Shows What Can Happen If We Don’t Wash Our Hands

Jaralee Anniice Metcalf shared photos from the science project she did together with Dayna Robertson, a special education teacher and the entire class.

They took fresh bread and touched it and left one slice untouched. They touched one with unwashed hands and one with hand sanitizer.

They touched another one with hands washed with water and soap. They also rubbed a piece of the bread on all their classroom chromebooks.

Glitter Germs STEM Activity #Shorts

The results were shocking…

Check them out below:

What They Did for the Purpose of the Experiment?

Metcalf noted that the school usually sanitizes their chromebooks, but didn’t do it for this project. The results required three to four weeks because of the preservatives in bread that prolong its shelf life.

The breads were then placed in a sealable Ziplocs.

Metcalf emphasized that if the slices were exposed to moisture and air, the experiment would happen faster.

The slices that were exposed to germs developed mold faster. The ones touched by clean hands weren’t exposed to the germs which cause the mold to grow.

In the Facebook post where she shared these shocking images, Metcalf also noted that she’s sick of being sick and urged her followers to wash their hands and to remind our children to do the same.

She also noted that we need to be aware that hand sanitizers are in no way an alternative option to standard water and soap.