Mercedes Concept Car Inspired by Avatar Looks Otherworldly

Recently, Mercedes-Benz announced their take on a vehicle as a ‘living creature’ with the Vision AVTR concept that takes design cues from the sci-fi fantasy movie Avatar.

The design takes its name not just from the movie it was motivated by, but also because it stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation.

The otherworldly car was revealed this year at the CES in Las Vegas.

The concept car embodies the German car brand’s vision of mobility in the distant future with crab-like movement and scales on the back.

A Car that Will Spark Your Imagination

This show car won’t be available for purchase now nor in the next 5 years.

However, according to the head of Mercedes-Benz, show cars serve to spark up our imagination, similarly like sci-fi movies do.

These takes on cars help increase the creativity among designers and engineers and send out some message.

The big message with this car is sustainability throughout the whole life cycle of the vehicle, from the plant it’s built in to the materials used for the battery.

This concept car is without a steering wheel or pedals as it’s autonomous in theory.

The interior of the vehicle is entirely vegan with a wide display that covers and curves over the whole dashboard.

This Car Recognizes Your Breath & Pulse?

When you sit inside, you can control the car by touching the console in the center. This is when the car ‘comes to life’ and it can actually recognize your pulse and breath.

From here, you can lift your hands and turn your palm towards a projected light.

You then choose the icon you want, squeeze your hand shut, and the car starts moving, again, in theory.

The car features sustainable materials, both recyclable and compostable.

There are 33 multi-directional surface elements on the back of the car. They act as bionic flaps and remind of the scales of reptiles.

The car can also move sideways by 30 degrees in a ‘crab movement’ which is also what makes the car maximally agile.





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