This Couple Gift a Denny’s Waitress Who Walked 14 Miles to Work with a Car

A waitress working at a Denny’s diner is beyond thankful after a generous couple who came into the restaurant gifted her with a car.

The waitress, Adrianna Edwards from Galveston, Texas previously walked 14 miles every day to get to work at the Denny’s diner. The whole journey required more than four hours, believe it or not.

When asked about her long commute to work, she replied ‘you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do’.

Everything Changes after this Couple Comes to Eat in the Diner

Edwards was trying to save money to buy a car; however, after this couple came into the restaurant, everything changed.

The couple, both of which wanted to remain anonymous, came into the restaurant to eat breakfast. This is when they learned about the long trip to work of the waitress and were deeply moved.

They knew they needed to do something and help this young lady.

When they finished their meal, they left only to come back after several hours with the surprise Adrianna could’ve never imagined.

They gave her the keys of a 2011 Nissan Sentra they bought just for her. Adrianna couldn’t believe what was happening and even started crying.

She recalls feeling like she was dreaming and every two hours; she came to the window to check if the car was still there.

After being gifted with a car, Adrianna gets to and from work in half an hour, which cuts around three hours from the time she previously needed.

She Will Now Be able to Attend College too

The couple was overjoyed to help the young girl and asked her to also help others when they’re in need as a thank you to them to which she gladly agreed.

Adrianna noted that the money she used to save for the car will now be redirected towards college.

She’s happy she’ll be able to enroll sooner than she had expected thanks to these kind and generous people.





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