Revolutionary GPS Shoes To Keep Track Of Alzheimer’s Patients

With millions of baby boomers approaching their 70s, the rates of people with Alzheimer’s is expected to increase in the coming decade.

Unfortunately, 5.4 millions of Americans are diagnosed with this condition and the figures are expected to rise up to 16 million by 2050, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

With this in mind, caregivers and family members of people with dementia can now easily track them when they wander off thanks to these innovative shoes.

The Personal Location Services Company GTX worked with comfort shoe manufacturer Aetrex in the production of specialized shoes with GPS device that allows the wearer to be tracked in real time.

Family Members can now Easily Track their Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s

GTX began making footwear for children with a mini GPS chip and device inside the sole which helps parents keep track of their children. Then, they started offering similar shoes for long-distance runners.

After the realization that the tech can help track people with dementia too, the company partnered with the comfort shoe maker to include their GPS into comfort and wellness shoes for elderly with this condition.

GPS tracking isn’t new in the world of tracking our loved ones- there are already wearable devices like bracelets and watches.

But, shoes are particularly good for this tech as its unlikely for the person who’s being tracked to wander off without them.

How Is the Shoe Made to Contain a GPS Tracking Chip?

The GPS tracking device is implanted in the heel and allows caregivers to monitor the wearer.

They can even set up alerts in case of the person going outside of a previously defined area.

According to chief executive of GTX, Patrick Bertagna, this is a major milestone for both companies and even though the $604 billion global cost of dementia continues being a significant challenge, the under $300 shoes with GPS can ease the emotional and physical burden of Alzheimer’s victims and their caregivers.

And, the shoes can be very important for individuals in the early stages because of the high risk. They may be living in their homes, but are confused.

They can head out for a walk and then get lost for several days.

These shoes have been certified by the Federal Communications Commission.





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