Sikh Volunteers Australia Are Giving Free Meals to Fire Victims & Firefighters on Site

Since of September 2019, Australia has been dealing with ongoing and devastating bushfires. According to reports, the continent has lost human lives, as well as half a billion of its iconic animal species.

A lot of rescue missions are happening and numerous Hollywood celebrities have expressed their concerns and made significant donations to help. And, there have been a lot of regular people coming to country to show their support.

One such support is that by the Indian restaurant Desi Grill. They’ve been giving out free warm meals to the victims and firefighters working together with Sikh volunteers.

Giving Hot Meals to Victims & Firefighters

The restaurant has been in charge of giving free meals to those affected in the fires and the working together with Sikh Volunteers Australia they’ve been helping in the distribution of food in areas where it’s needed the most.

The restaurant is run by Kanwaljit Singh and his wife Kamaljit Kaur. They claim they felt it was a duty to serve their community.

One night for the volunteers was quite busy- they helped cook rice, curry, and past and distributed the food in at least 500 takeaway containers.

They have the capacity to cook for up to thousand people per day. However, it ultimately depends on how much food is necessary.

They have stocks of flour, rice, and lentils that they believe will be enough for the next week.

The volunteers set up a food van in the relief center of Bairnsdale Oval and they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free.

They bought the groceries themselves and provided space in their restaurant to make food during New Year’s Eve when the fires were raging.

The organization claims that they have more than 100 volunteers and a lot of them were willing to come down and help.

Since prepping food and bringing it there from the base in Melbourne is impossible because of the 4-hour-journey, they were helped out by locals offering their kitchens.

They’ll be here until the situation normalizes.

Unfortunately, 28 people are missing, 2 are dead and the fires continue on the east of the Victoria state.





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