Are Trees Intelligent? Apparently, They can Make Friends, Have Feelings & Look after Each Other

According to a study done by a German researcher who devoted his work to tree studying, trees are able to feel pain and have feelings, for example, fear.

He also claims that trees like to stand close together and ‘cuddle’. Trees also love company and want to take things slow.

Peter Wohlleben, the researcher, also emphasizes that there’s friendship between trees and that they’re capable of forming relationships like old couples where one tree will look after the other.

Is this for real?!

Intelligent Trees: New Documentary about Trees

The work of Wohlleben, author, German forester, and tree whisperer and Suzanne Simard, ecologist from British Columbia University, is a new documentary called Intelligent Trees.

In this film, they included research and findings about the communication between trees, which is deep and beautiful. Together, they were a great dream team who created this wonderful project.

The documentary explores the several ways in which trees are able to communicate. They claim that trees are more than simple organisms producing oxygen or cleansing the air we breathe.

They’re individual beings with feelings, ability to form friendships, and a common language.

The documentary can be streamed on Vimeo on Demand and there’s also a shorter highlight web series available.

You can also check out more about this project on their website Intelligent Trees.

Who’s Wohlleben?

This tree whisperer is an established forester with a proven track of bettering forest health and a lot of research done by him is talking about trees like they’re people.

He claims that trees are friends and the thick branches we often see pointing away from each other are there so that the trees don’t block each other’s light.

Although some biologist may be skeptic about such claims, he explains that he uses a human language.

On the other hand, scientific language eliminates emotions and people don’t understand it well.

But, when he says ‘trees suckle their children’, everyone can understand what he means.




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