The Koala Soap by Lush Helps Collect Money for the Animals Impacted by the Australian Bushfires

The newest product of Lush is a limited-edition soap which is intended for a good cause.

The popular bath and body brand announced a line of koala-shaped soap bars.

The All the Wild Things soaps are sold to help collect money for the animals that have been affected by the ravaging wildfires in Australia.

They’re available for $6.95 worldwide. In the US, the soap can only be bought online.

We’re definitely buying a few! Will you?

Australian Bushfires Took Human & Animal Lives

The fires started raging throughout several parts of Australia in July 2019 and have taken the lives of billion animals since.

The soap shaped in the form of a koala is inspired by their popular Outback Mate soap and it’s infused with eucalyptus, lemongrass, and peppermint oils.

The company claims that 100 percent of the price of the soap bar will be given to the Bush Animal Fund- an organization created by Lush Australia that helps support the rescuing of animals and the restoration of lands in Australia.

According to Lush’s manager of charitable giving and ethical campaigns, Tricia Stevens, by directing their support from the purchases of the soap to the animal rescue organization, they can directly influence their lives and their environment.

The company’s ethics director, Hilary Jones explained that their brand wanted to create these koala-like soaps after they received a customer’s call asking about supporting the relief in some way.

Jones noted that they can only imagine the horrors going on in the bush by people who’re out searching for animal survivors.

They recognize these overwhelming tasks and they have therefore decided to launch this new product.

The company joins celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Serena Williams in donations for the relief. Several fashion brands are also donating some of their profits to help.

As of 24th of January, 10,000 pieces of soap are available for purchase at the company’s website, and give the continent a chance to contribute almost $70,000 to the fund.

Lush’s Ongoing Dedication to People, Animal & Planet Wellbeing

This company is a business which has shown their ongoing dedication to the wellbeing of animals, people, and the planet.

Lush is a cosmetics company based in the UK and they use fresh, natural, and ethical ingredients to make innovative and effective products. This includes anything from hair care products free of packaging and solid toothpaste ideal for travelling.

However, many of their best products are quite expensive so they can be considered a bit of an investment. Their regular customers are people who lead a conscious lifestyle and carry deeply about nature and animals.





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