This Mother Sacrificed Herself to Keep Her 13 Oz. Son Alive

Dana Griffin-Graves is a proud mother from Virginia. At the beginning of her marriage with her husband Arkell, they knew that they wanted to have children. However, Dana had 5 miscarriages because of an incompetent cervix.

So, they decided to adopt a child- he’s 17-year-old now and his name is Keelyn.

But, only couple of days after the adoption, she find out she was pregnant.

Dana Has 5 Miscarriages but Doesn’t Give Up

Dana explained that as she got pregnant and the baby would grow, her cervix would open up and she couldn’t carry the baby without assistance.

So, she underwent several surgeries and whenever she got pregnant, her doctors told her she needed to get a cerclage- a treatment of the cervical weakness that helps keep the cervix closed.

When she found out she was pregnant, she was 18 weeks along and she was shocked, but also ecstatic. She didn’t tell her husband right away so she doesn’t get his hopes up.

She decided to surprise him with the viral Bun in the Oven announcement. However, her situation worsened when she was 21 weeks along.

Dana Has Blood Pressure Complications

During an appointment at the gynecologist, Dana had a stroke-level blood pressure. She was sent to the hospital so that her blood pressure could be monitored 24/7.

After they stabilized her blood pressure, she was released home but on bed rest.

Even though people were calling them to congratulate because of the announcement video, she could barely talk-she was sick and didn’t know how sick she was.

Dana Spends Time in the ICU

At the next appointment, Dana was informed she had to remain in the ICU because of congestive heart failure.

The doctors told her that if she wants to preserve her health, she should consider terminating the pregnancy. But, for Dana, this wasn’t an option.

She thought to herself that she’s 40 now and can’t try again and that this is it.

She felt spared because she found out about her pregnancy a bit later and believed that God didn’t want her to worry during that time.

She just felt she couldn’t end her pregnancy.

The Doctors Beg Dana to Reconsider Her Decision

Despite her pulmonologist literally begging her to reconsider her decision, Dana was calm, although very scared.

For whatever reason, she was faithful that the both of them are going to survive.

Their son Kaleb was born in 2015 October, 16 weeks before his due date. This was the smallest baby born in Virginia at that time and his weight was only 13 ounces.

Despite the joy in the Graves family for the new member, Kaleb had a long journey in front of him and spent 12 months in the NICU and had 4 different surgeries.

Dana recalls going every day to the NICU and holding her breath because they didn’t know what to expect. They didn’t know what report they’re going to get.

The second night was terrifying and the small baby had 9 meds pumped into his umbilical cord.

Believe it or not, the NICU doctors invited Dana to say goodbye to her son- they told her he wouldn’t probably make it through the night.

But, Dana spoke and sang to the baby for 30 minutes and told him this wasn’t the last time he would hear her voice. She believed he was going to make it.

Kaleb miraculously survived.

The Journey Isn’t Easy, but They Have Adjusted

Eventually, the baby was released home; however, as he had 14 different diseases and special needs like lung problems, cerebral palsy, and tracheomalacia, the family adjusted and believed better days were ahead.

Despite the bad stares from people and the challenges they faced, Dana and Arkell are beyond grateful for their 4-year-old son who’s in preschool.

Dana loves his big smile and his personality and love for music. Kaleb is a child who loves dancing and brings light to people.




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