This 75-Year-Old Woman Fostered more than 600 Children & Worked 2 Jobs & Raised Her Own Children

Linda Herring from Iowa is a 75-year-old woman who fostered more than 600 kids during a period of almost 50 years.

During the fostering, she also ran a home daycare and worked as a night custodian in a high school.

She also volunteered as a first responder and raised her own 8 children-three of which were fosters, together with her husband Bob.

She was recognized this month by the Johnson County Board of Supervisors before a standing room crowd for her efforts.

Linda Herring Awarded with a Resolution of Appreciation

The board awarded Herring with a Resolution of Appreciation and it was signed by them.

It said that ‘Linda’s philosophy was if no one else can love them or take care of them, I will’.

Linda was a woman who took in children with special medical needs and kept bins of clothes stacked in her garage.

All of these clothes were labeled by gender and size.

The resolution also said that she will be sorely missed as a foster parent.

Linda Herring’s Fostering Story

Linda and Bob started fostering in Oxford and then did the same when they moved to Tiffin.

Linda said that her best friend was fostering for teen girls and she thought to herself that it would be nice to do the same; however, she wanted younger children.

She then talked with the Department of Human Services and agreed to take in children with medical needs.

Linda also ran a home daycare for local families.

At night, she took a shift as a custodian at a high school nearby and also volunteered as a first responder.

Regardless of their age, gender or needs, no foster child was denied by Linda. She even traveled to pick up the children she took care of.

She also had her own 8 children, 3 of which were fosters, including the 39-year-old Anthony Herring.

He said that he’s forever grateful for the life she gave him. He noted that Linda and Bob taught him that family isn’t determined by blood, but by whom we have in our lives to love.

His mother also taught him to understand and appreciate children with special needs.

Two of his adopted foster siblings have serious special and medical needs.

One of them was Dani, who’s entirely dependent on others. Even though she wasn’t expected to live a long life, she’s now 29.

Linda’s Foster Care Trait Has Been Passed on Her Children

4 of Linda’s biological kids have also fostered children.

Linda was also a woman who worked hard to ensure families stay together and siblings remain close and she’s passing on this amazing attitude to others.

Linda, you’re a wonderful person!





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