This Bunny Travels in First Class & Gets Ice Cream Service & Unlimited Nuts

Coco the bunny is so cool she even flew business class during an 11-hour flight.

Even though most of us can only dream of getting in first class, this bunny travelled in luxury together with her owner Takako Ogawa.

Coco lived the highlife and was treated with ice cream sundae service while on a flight with the United Airlines from San Francisco to Japan.

The pampered bunny was also very stylish- she wore a bowtie and nibbled on a bowl of nuts provided by the stewards.

8-Year-Old Coco Bunny Is Familiar with Airplanes

This isn’t the first time this bunny has been up in the air- she’s travelled previously with her owner when she moved to California three years ago.

But, now, the 32-year-old worried that her bunny was too old for this.

So, she decided to do something.

She works as a CEO and registered her bunny as an emotional support bunny and paid $100 so that Coco can be with her in the cabin in a carry case.

She didn’t need to buy an extra seat.

But, after the crew told her that the seat next to her was free, Takako freed the bunny from the carry case and sat her on the seat.

Coco was already sniffing the cushions and snuggling with her owner.

The grey super cute bunny became quite popular among the staff- they even swapped duties so that each of them could meet Coco.

Takako who’s from Kyoto explains that this is one of her favorite flights as there’s nothing better than being able to fly with your bunny.

And, Coco apparently shared the same joy- she seems quite happy on the photos that her owner took.

Coco, the Curious Bunny on a Flight

Takako notes that the bunny was very curious and was constantly hopping around.

She’s well-behaved and stays calm among people and in different surroundings.

When Takako got ice cream sundae, the flight attendant looked over and asked if the bunny wanted anything.

She wasn’t sure what she could get her so she had some of the toppings like the nuts and almonds that the stewards put in a small bowl.

This was so adorable to watch, recalls Takako.

First Time in First Class

Even though she’s not a stranger to flying, Coco’s first flying experience was in the cargo section with other animals.

In the cargo, Takako explains, there are a lot of anxious animals, dogs are barking, cats are meowing. This may have been a lot of pressure for the bunny as she’s older now.

Despite their own private space, Takako was concerned about the toilet part so she took a lot of pet sheets with her and extra pellets to feed the bunny.





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