Two Bodies of Dead Chinese Tourists Discovered at Iceland Plane Crash Site from 1973

Two dead bodies of Chinese people in their early 20s were found at a site of a plane crash site from 1973 in the south of Iceland.

According to the police, the man and the woman were at the crash site that’s popular among tourists who visit Iceland.

A post-mortem will take place to find the causes for the young people’s death.

The officers didn’t find any signs of criminal doings and added that the bodies showed hypothermia symptoms.

The Plane Crash from 1973 in Iceland

Back in 1973, a US military plane crashed on the beach of Solheimasandur in Iceland, but no one was killed. The fuselage of the plane is still on site and has attracted tourists since.

The police officers were called on scene after people discovered the body of a woman on a path leading to the crash site.

The body of the man was discovered by officers only a short distance away around two hours later.

A car that’s believed to have been rented by the couple was located in the site’s park car. The embassy of China was informed about this.

The head of the Icelandic Tourism Association, Johannes Thor Skulason says that his group worked with car rental agencies and hotels to warn tourists of bad weather.

They’ve been lucky in the rise of tourism in their country in the past years; however, there are several events of this type that they had to deal with.

Why Does the Crash Site Attract the Tourists in Iceland?

For decades, the site has attracted the tourists who want to see something unusual among the natural Icelandic beauty.

But, the site is far of the beaten track.

There’s a sign at the nearest car park on the main road warning tourists of up to two hours of walking for slow walkers to reach the site and two hours to come back.

Even though there’s a shuttle bus which transports the tourists to the site, it’s not cheap so many tourists decide to go by foot.

The site experienced a rise in popularity after the pop star Justin Bieber skateboarded on the wreckage in 2015.

However, when the shuttle bus goes away, you’re out in the wilderness on your own until it comes back.

Unfortunately, the weather in Iceland can be very cold and things can take a quick and unexpected turn.




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