Bryan Adams Claims that 30 Years of Veganism Is what Helps Him Stay Youthful at 60

Canadian singer and global best-selling artist of all times with a singing career of 30 years Bryan Adams has recently celebrated his 60th birthday and thanked veganism for his youthful appearance.

The musician has been following a plant-based diet for 30 years now and claims that it has improved his health significantly.

He stated that he would love to see a comparison photo of him if he didn’t make this decision 30 years ago.

His guess is that he would’ve probably been heavier and maybe his hair would’ve gone grey. Even though he’s 60, this hasn’t happened yet.

For Adams, it’s all because of his plant-based nutrition.

An Avid Supporter of Plant-Based Diet

The globally-popular singer emphasizes that veganism helped him have more energy and that going vegetarian or vegan is a great decision. He claims that this is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

But, despite advocating for this lifestyle, Adams said that he doesn’t like to preach and instead, he lets his health speak for itself.

He begins his day with a fruit juice and a mixed fruit salad.

He also prefers salads for dinner. When he’s not on a raw food diet, he also likes to consume cooked veggies.

While living in France, Adams recalls they got a local chef to come and make veggie food for them and this was the best food he ever tried.

Today, this chef still works for Adams and his team when they’re on tour.

What Are the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet According to Adams?

The singer has often spoken about the advantages of veganism and says it’s pivotal for maintaining good weight.

He claims that his favorite comfort food is a banana and this is something he would reach for every time.

He also said that sometimes, he followed a raw-food diet; however, he did find it quite challenging at times.

The singer doesn’t just lead a healthy diet– he also tries to stay physically active and fit. He does swimming, biking, and running and he avoids alcohol whenever possible.

The vegan singer also cares about animal welfare- for him, showing compassion for animals is something that comes natural.

It’s maybe because he grew up surrounded by dogs and these dogs were part of his family.

The moment he understood how animals were treated, he was closer and closer to the lifestyle he now leads-veganism.