Wonderful Nature: Lactating Fox Caught on Camera Feeding Baby Koalas with its Milk during Australian Fires

Unfortunately, the Australian bushfires have killed more than billion animals, 25,000 of which are koalas.

Even though a lot of people tried to help these poor animals by rescuing them from the fires or giving them water, not all of them could be saved in the ravaging fires.

And, in these times of need, animals stood by animals. A mama fox that was lactating was caught on camera feeding several baby koalas.

Even though one can’t claim that the video is 100 percent from the Australian bushfires, it’s definitely visible that the surrounding area seems like a burned forest.

The Twitter Community Praises the Fox

Sadly, a lot of animals lost their offspring due to the fires whereas a lot of baby animals lost their mothers.

Some people on social media have been calling this ‘animality’ or humanity for animals. Indeed, the love of a mother is the ultimate sacrifice!

The spirit of motherhood is unlike anything else and we have so much to learn by seeing these animals helping each other.

 This video is an amazing sign of hope that the country can work together and recuperate from the fires.

What Does the Video Show Us?

The 30-second video that was shared on Twitter by user Adarsh Hedge and it shows the lactating fox standing calmly in the wind while several baby koalas are taking turns and feeding from her milk.

Most users have praised this video and reshared it- one user wrote ‘greatness of motherhood’ whereas another one wrote ‘let’s call it compassion, nowadays humanity is a joke’.

We’re also amazed by this video and it definitely made our day better. Don’t forget to check it out for yourself below and also share it with your family and friends!




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