According to Bill Gates, there Is no Good Reason to Eat Beef Burgers

The founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, said he sees no good reason why we should continue eating beef burgers.

The billionaire philanthropist appeared in an episode of Mark Rober’s show on YouTube.

He’s an engineer and YouTuber who invited the billionaire to test plant-based hamburgers and bratwurst.

After tasting the ‘fake’ meats, he said it’s quite good and light-years away from what it was. The quality is only going to improve, he also added.

He explained how the ‘plant-based guys’ aren’t done innovating and eventually, we won’t be able to tell the difference.  

It’s High Time for a Change

Back in 2018, US citizens ate around 13 billion burgers and they’re still one of the most popular foods on menus throughout the country.

But, red meat overconsumption isn’t just bad for the environment- it can also elevate our risk of heart illness and cancer.

Gates has previously expressed his liking for Burgermaster and Dick’s Drive-in, Seattle’s fast food staples.

He was caught on camera while waiting in line at Dick’s and it went viral.

Gates’s goal is to fight off climate change and encourage eco sustainability and this includes plant-based foods.

He also talked about the meat production’s inefficiency in another video. He explained how the agriculture sector gives 18 percent of the total emissions and livestock is around half of these 18 percent and almost all of it is beef production.

Consequently, this sector is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all of the planes, ships, trains, trucks, and cars combined.

Gates invests in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, two companies that work on making realistic vegan alternatives for meat eaters who want to lower their meat consumption.

Robar ended the chat with Gates and thanked him for his contributions to sustainability.

According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ‘all lives have equal value’ and the father-daughter duo is working hard on inequality reduction.

They invest in sustainable alternatives, but are also focused on reducing food wastage and encourage humanitarian efforts.

Beyond Meat Is Taking on the Beef Burger

Beyond Meat created their Beyond Burger which has become quite popular- it’s a veggie patty which looks, cooks, tastes, and even ‘bleeds’ like real red meat; however, this one is sustainable and much healthier.

According to founder Ethan Brown, their innovation is something people love and that they went after the core part of the American diet.

In addition to Bill Gates, the company boasts some other famous investors like Leonardo DiCaprio and former McDonald’s CEO, Don Thompson.

Since they debuted at the Whole Foods Markets in 2016, the Beyond patties are now available in tens of thousands of supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and sports stadiums.

Worldwide, the company has sold 25 million patties and they’re reportedly worth more than half a billion.

This vegan burger is based on pea protein, beet coloring, beet juice, potato starch, and coconut oil.

Their 2.0 vegan burger which was recently launched also includes mung bean proteins and brown rice to boost the taste and texture.




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