Adidas Made a Football Field Using 1.8 Million Recycled Plastic Bottles

Adidas has used around 1.8 million plastic bottles in the making of a sustainable football field. A typical football field uses virgin plastics and re-ground rubber, but this one is much better for the environment.

According to VP of global brand strategy for the company, James Carnes, this sustainable field is made from plastic bottles that are acquired from remote beaches, islands, shorelines, and coastal communities.

The primary goal was to avert it from polluting our oceans. Prior to its transformation to infill that was later used to build the field; the collected plastic was washed and properly treated.

Quality & Sustainability in One Creation

The infill reminds of pellets and this is pivotal for the field’s overall function because it affects the playability, safety, and performance.

It’s also in charge for the players’ traction and it has the role of a cushion for the players when they dive, fall or slide.

For Cameron Collins, the North America director of football at Adidas, they believe sport gives the opportunity to change lives and this sustainable football field is a proof of their taking action on this belief.

He further added that this is more than a place where athletes can play- it’s also a reminder of the collective responsibility we have to cease plastic waste.

Where Is the Field Located?

The globally-popular apparel company donated the field from plastic waste to the Miami Edison High School that’s near the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens- the site of the Super Bowl LIV.

This school borders the Liberty City neighborhood in Miami that has produced a lot of former and current NFL stars including Amari Cooper, Chad Johnson, and Antonio Brown.

Besides the new sustainable football field, there were also recycling bins being placed throughout the school’s campus to ensure students stay dedicated to putting an end to plastic waste.





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