Not all Storms Come to Disrupt Our Lives, Some Come to Clear Our Path

The only things that are certain in our lives are unpredictability and death. And, when it comes to bad things, they tend to happen when we least expect them.

However, often times, we forget to focus on what the bad experience has taught us and what it helped us realize.

A lot of the storms in our lives are actually clearing our paths and asking from us to make changes, to grow, to progress, and to learn.

But, storms demand from us to act differently, to get out of our comfort zone, and to see our wrong patterns.

Without doubt, one of the biggest ‘enemies’ we have in life is ourselves.

When we learn to cope with ourselves and our own negative setback, we can learn that no one from the outside can harm us.

We become the leaders of our lives and stay on our path until we reach the goals we want.

Valuable Lessons We can Learn from the Storms in Our Lives

  • Self-care is pivotal

For a lot of people, self-care is something that comes last and they’re mostly focused on what others want or need from them.

Somehow, they forget that they’re their best friend.

If you think that ‘why should I eat healthier as I’m going to die anyway’, you’re completely wrong.

Think about all the benefits of healthy diet and the wonders it can bring in your life and how it can make your living days on earth worth living.

  • Feat is a mind killer

Without doubt, fear is a mind killer because it prevents us from reaching our goals, fulfilling our dreams, and fighting for the life we want.

If we constantly live in fear, do we really live in the real sense of the world?

Even though we can’t completely shield ourselves from fear, it can be beneficial to look at it as something that we overcome in order to do/have better rather than something that sets us back.

  • Leave the world better than you’ve found it

All human beings on earth have one responsibility, that is, to leave the world in a better condition than we’ve found it.

This means caring for our environment, trying to improve our health, helping those in need and fighting for a better tomorrow of the generations to come.

  • Be genuine with yourself

Unfortunately, many people live a life full of lies and they’re rarely honest with themselves.

This is seen by their pretending that things aren’t as they are because they’re afraid of judgment and criticism. But, as we already mentioned, fearing things and setting back can rarely help us live a full life.

So, try to be as honest as possible with the things you’re dealing with in life and learn how to resolve obstacles, rather than hiding in a cover that isn’t the real you.

There’s no greater freedom in life than the freedom to be ourselves and to be accepted as such.  




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