After Family Lost everything in Australian Bushfires, Their Dog Finds His Favorite Toy

A family from Wairewa, Australia went back to their house after being evacuated because of the bushfires and found there was practically nothing left.

However, their dog, a golden retriever named OJ, started rummaging through the ruins and after a short time; he actually found his favorite toy.

The Immense Destruction by the Australian Bushfires

The fires in Australia have led to death and destruction and they’ve been ravaging the continent since September, 2019.

They’ve caused a loss of thousands of hectares of forests, killed numerous wildlife species, harmed the ecosystem, and led to a loss of millions of dollars in terms of property.

The property of the Zagami family who lived in Wairewa was entirely burned to the ground, same like that of many other citizens from their city.

When they came back to see the condition, there was nothing more than ashes.

But, OJ’s favorite toy miraculously survived. And, as we can see from the photo, he’s apparently never letting it go again.

Family Finds another Thing too

But, it wasn’t only OJ’s favorite toy that the family found in the ruins- they also discovered Matt Zagami’s wife’s wedding dress.

Even though they’re happy that at least these two belongings survived, they’re well aware that the rebuilding will be hard and challenging.

Zagami said that they’re reminded every day of what they lost and it’s been quite hard for them to be there and to look at it.

Their house, their sheds, and their farm- everything is gone.

Wairewa City Was Affected by the Bushfires

The Wairewa Fire Brigade notes that the town was severely hit by the fires.

11 houses were swollen by the flames and there were al lot of injured and dead animals.

Fortunately, there were no human lives lost or severe injuries.

The community got together to clean their town, to speed up their recovery, and to offer support one to another.

Although still shaken and tired, they’re trying their best.




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