Can You ‘Beat’ this Genius Proposal Plan? Man ‘Hacks’ His Girlfriend’s Favorite Disney Movie & Proposes in a Full Theater Room

When it comes to asking the big question, some people can really leave us speechless. One such person is Lee Loechler, a filmmaker.

He shared his proposal video to Instagram and YouTube and it quickly went viral-people, especially ladies, were amazed.

Describing himself as a hopeless romantic, Loechler proposed to his high school sweetheart while they were watching her favorite movie Sleeping Beauty.

But, this wasn’t an ordinary proposal. A lot of time needed to pass so that he could manage to pull it out.

Man Hacks Himself into Disney Movie to Propose to His Girlfriend

Loechler worked with an animator for 6 months in order to animate himself and his girlfriend into the Disney movie to have a different end that will involve a proposal.

While they were watching the movie together with friends and family, he popped up the big question.

All of this was caught on camera and believe us; it is romantic as it sounds.

He wrote on his YouTube channel that you don’t get to propose to your high school sweetheart every day.

On the 30th of December, 2019, he asked his girlfriend to be his forever partner.

Ambitious Proposal

For the proposal to come out as it was planned, he needed to mount a screening of Sleeping Beauty at the Coolidge Screening Room in Brookline, Mass.

The video was also shared by the Art House Convergence that said via email that on the 30th of December, a young man rented the screening room for a surprise proposal to his girlfriend.

Sleeping Beauty is her favorite movie so he hired a person to help him animate a different end where both of them become the main characters and then his on-screen character tosses a ring for him to ‘catch’ in reality.

The man did his best to make this seem like a real movie screening- he even made fake movie tickets so his girlfriend was the one who actually invited him to their proposal.

He also got strangers from Reddit to come so it wouldn’t just be her family and friends in the room.

But, enough talk- you better check out the proposal video for yourself-and, boys and girls, we recommend you have tissues with you!

This is beyond emotional…





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