Chiefs Player Celebrates His Super Bowl Win by Paying for Dog Adoptions in a Local Shelter

Derrick Nnadi, Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle, pledged to pay for all the adoption fees for every dog that’s in a local shelter in Kansas City if his team wins the Super Bowl.

The day after he won the Super Bowl LIV, Nnadi didn’t go purchase a new house or the newest car, but he joined with a non-profit to help animals in need.

This non-profit is the KC Pet Project and they manage the open-admission animal shelter in Kansas City.

They announced this amazing news on their social media.

Defensive Tackle of Chiefs Pays for all Adoption Fees

Now, thanks to Nnadi, every dog from this shelter is free for adoption. The total number is more than 100 dogs.

On explaining his decision, he said that he wanted a dog his whole life. When he was growing up, he didn’t have a pet as his parents didn’t really allow him to have one.

However, as he was growing up, in senior year in college, he got his first dog and he named him Rocky.

The unique bond between the two is what inspired Nnadi to help other animals too.

He recalls how the dog was very shy at first. And, he started to think of how other animals often feel alone or scared.

Nnadi Decides to Improve the Life of Dogs

During his second year in the NFL, he partnered with the non-profit KC Pet Project through his Derrick Nnadi Foundation.

And, for every Chiefs win they have this season, he paid for the adoption fee of dogs there. His team won 15 times, including the post-season.

When the Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl, Nnadi said he would pay for every dog’s adoption fee if his team wins.

This includes more than 100 dogs and the average fee of every dog is around $150.

Nnadi claims this was an additional motivation to play better and harder. After his win, the two celebrations were the ideal ending to the season.

The KC Pet Project has taken care for more than 10,000 animals per year, according to their website.

If you’re looking for your best doggo friend, make sure visit their page- you’ll find some amazing ones there.