Mother & 3 Children Found Alive after Being Lost in Colombian Jungle for 34 Days

A 40-year-old woman and her three children aged 14, 12, and 10 were recently rescued by the Colombian Navy from the Colombian jungle after being lost for 34 days.

They were reported missing on the 19th of December, 2019 while vacationing in the region. They went to meet the kids’ father and somehow got lost.

In total, they were in the jungle for 34 days. The family managed to survive eating wild fruits and drinking spring water.

Mother & 3 Children Survive in Colombian Jungle

The commander of the Naval Force of Southern Colombia said that the family was found near the La Esperanza village.

They were tracked down by the Secoya community that contacted the authorities of Peru about the lost family.

The mother said that they lasted half an hour without water and then they fainted. She claims they had to drink water all the time and that her girls couldn’t talk.

The family was immediately taken to the nearest hospital because of their symptoms of malnourishment and some minor physical injuries.

The family of 4 happily reunited with the father in the hospital. There’s no information about where the family comes from.

Surviving in the Jungle for a Month Isn’t Easy

The mother of the 3 children says they had to sleep on branches to avoid attacks from the wild animals that are numerous.

They were stranded near a forest in the bordering region of Columbia and Peru, near the Putumayo River.





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