This 8-Year-Old Boy Has a Long Hair & His Mother Says Schools Don’t Want to Enroll Him If He Doesn’t Cut It

An 8-year-old boy has been denied admittance by several schools on the basis of his long hair. Now, his mother is fighting to change the policies.

His mother, Bonnie Miller from the UK has been searching for schools that her son Farouk James, who became an Instagram star because of his hair, could attend in the future.

Two of these schools didn’t admit the boy because he has a natural and long hair that doesn’t agree with the schools’ standards.

Schools Don’t Admit Boy because He Has a Long Hair?

The London Oratory School was one of the schools which denied the boy. It’s the same school Bonnie’s other son, who’s now 23, went to.

Miller said she was aware of their bad policies and claims she experienced a similar situation with her older son 10 years ago.

However, at that time, her son’s hair was ‘too short for the school’.

Miller notes that the boy’s hair was very short and because of this, he got in trouble in school three times and was almost excluded for keeping it too short.

Miller believed that after all these years, the school’s policies may have changed; however, she discovered that they didn’t.

Apparently, the boy’ long and curly hair is a violation of their policies.

Miller’s Both Sons Are Mixed Race

The two brothers are mixed race- the father of James is from Ghana and for cultural reasons, the parents didn’t cut the boy’s hair until he was 3.

At that point, the boy became too attached with his beautiful hair, as well as his mother. So, they decided to keep it like that.

The boy continued growing it and didn’t think much about it until the time came to apply for secondary school.

Farouk, the Instagram Star & Child Model

The boy with the afro-textured hair who’s also a child model with more than 269,000 Instagram followers may cut his hair if he gets a spot in one of the three local faith schools that demand short hair as part of their uniform.

His mother launched a campaign to prevent schools from making boys cut their locks or long hair as this is a discrimination.

She released a petition calling upon the government to restrict schools from putting ‘out of date’ rules on potential students because of their hair length because this is gender and race discrimination.

Many other teachers and campaigners have also been loud about some school’s punishment of black students for their hairstyles, including braids.





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