Daughter Writes a Message of Hope in the Snow for Her Mother Battling Cancer to See

A snowfall in the north of Ohio inspired the daughter of a cancer patient to write her mother a message in the snow, just outside of the hospital.

Her mother, 65-year-old Michele Schambach, came to the Cleveland Clinic from Guatemala on Wednesday to get a more advanced treatment for the aggressive brain cancer she has.

This was the second time she was in the US for treatment, after a therapy in October, 2019.

Schambach Had Never Seen Snow Before

According to the daughter, Marie Schambach who’s a physician in Guatemala, her mother had never seen snow before so she decided to use it to lift her spirits.

She gazed outside the window and saw a big blank cover and thought ‘why not write something on it’.

At first, she couldn’t dig out the words as it was still falling so it wasn’t working out. Then, she tried the next day again and succeeded.

Her message, ‘MOM BE BRAVE’ clearly stood out in the snow. And, her mom could see it from the window of her hospital room and even took a photo with it.

Marie phoned her dad and told him to wake her mother up and tell her to go to the window.

Michele was beyond happy. But, Marie also hoped that other patients in the hospital would also see the message and feel like somebody does care.

Everyone Loved the Message in the Snow

The Cleveland Clinic shared a tweet with a photo from the message and said ‘a beautiful message was left at our main campus today.

To the person who wrote it, you’ve touched our hearts. #MomBeBrave.’

After the post by the clinic, Schambach said messages of hope and support began coming in. Her mother is a retired teacher and some students she taught 30 years ago in Latin America reached out and said they’re thinking of her.

Marie said she’s happy that so many people are praying for her mother and that this makes her smile.

As a physician, Marie said that she believes the joy others bring can help her mother to heal faster.

They even got beautiful news- her white blood cell count went up and the doctors said that the medications used to treat her cancer were helping.

However, Marie had another theory- ‘the medicine helps, but it’s from a lot of support and a lot of prayer’.




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