These Two Elderly Women Are Living the Lives of their Dreams in this Cozy Homes in the Forest

Even though it looks a lot like it’s a part of the Shire from the Lord of the Rings, this enchanting fairy-like home is real- it’s located in Japan and it’s named Jikka.

This cozy home consists of 5 small hut-like structures which are all joined together to form one house. It’s the brainchild of Issei Suma, a Japanese architect, who made it for two retired ladies, Nobuko and Sachiko.

It’s located at the top of a mountain ridge at the Shizuoka prefecture and it was built at different heights.

The project was finished back in 2015 and its residents are two women in their 60s, one is a former social worker and the other is a former cook.

They moved in hoping to help the elderly of their community. They deliver homemade meals to elderly and open up their homes to the public every afternoon and serve lunch.

Primitive as a Hut, yet Holy as a Chapel

The house boasts amazing exterior and interior design- it features a spacious kitchen, a wheelchair-accessible bath, as well as a guest room for the elderly and disabled who need care and may become a part of this home in the future.

The teepee-shaped creations are wrapped in narrow wood panels and have high ceilings.

They’re located in the home to the Mount Fuji which is renowned for their tea production. Since the 80s, it’s been a well-known destination for people from Tokyo.

Recently, it’s also become a popular destination for retirement too. This is why the home has no stairs and it features a spiral-shaped bath accessible with wheelchair.

Suma explained that he came up with the spiral shape that can be a great option for disabled elderly; as well as pool for children and maybe a Jacuzzi for couples! For him, it’s this universal design that makes every generation happy.

Even though Nobuko and Sachiko have moved into this home, they’re still very active. They bake cakes and breads and a variety of meals.

They hope that one day they can open up their home to the elderly people of their community.





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