Psychedelic Honey Exists, but It’s only Made by these Bees

The locals of India, Nepal, and China risk their lives to get the golden liquid which drips from specific hives that are located deep in the forest of the Himalayas at high altitudes.

This honey is so special that many refer to it as the ‘mad honey’ because of its quite interesting properties.

This honey is obtained from the Himalayan cliff bees and it’s produced when the largest bees in the world get pollen from the Rhododendron flowers.

This species has access to these flowers that are highly poisonous for humans.

This honey isn’t easy to acquire- they usually nest at altitudes between 8200 and 9800 feet over overhangs on the south west of the vertical cliffs.

What’s the Deal with this ‘Mad Honey’?

Also known as the psychedelic honey, this honey is highly valued by the locals and sold to wealthy people from Asia and to the curious tourists who visit, some specifically to taste this mind-altering honey.

This honey is very desirable because of its powerful properties. It’s red in color and believed to contain a potent hallucinogen which is used for medical purposes and as a recreational drug.

Some claim it has the power to treat diabetes, sexual dysfunction, and hypertension when taken in small doses.

When taken in higher dosages, it can be toxic and even fatal! The recommended doses give off a feeling of pleasant dizziness, relaxation, and tingling sensation.

One of the Most Expensive Honeys in the World

The price of this honey is quite high and it usually costs four or five times more than the price of regular honey.

Locals usually collect two different batches- once in the springtime and then again in the fall.

If you want to learn more about the psychedelic honey and the lengths to which locals are prepared to go to harvest it, check out the documentary we’ve shared below:





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