For $585 per Night, You Can Sleep in a Jungle Bubble in Thailand with Rescue Elephants Walking by

Really, could you think of a better thing than waking up in a luxury, transparent bubble surrounded by rescue elephants and amazing nature?

We think the answer is clear- no way!

For $585 per night for two people, you can do exactly thins- in the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort situated in the north of Thailand.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to wake up next to elephants that’re walking around.

This stunning resort has rescued 60 elephants from the city streets and they’re happily living here in the resort in peace.

Since they wander free, you’ll see them before you go to bed, as well as first thing in the morning.

Amazing Design & a Unique Experience

The resort’s 236-square-foot transparent bubbles were designed by Eye in the Sky from premium polyester.

Inside, the bubbles have air conditioners and king size beds, as well as a living area with seating space.

And, there’s an indoor bathroom so you don’t bump into a wandering elephant in the middle of the night.

You can also ask the staff to bring your meals to the bubble.

You can participate in their Walking with Giants tour either with a biologist or a vet in order to learn more about the elephants’ behavior and thinking if you want to.

Other amenities the resort offers are delectable dinner basket, a fully-stocked mini-bar, a 24-hour in-room service, and facilities for tea and coffee.

Other days, feel free to sit calmly, lounging in your bubble and observing the elephants in their native habitat.

You’ll witness their grace, but also their cheekiness when you notice them during playtime.

This is indeed a unique experience, not just for people who love elephants, but people who like to spend time in nature and witness all the unique experiences it has to offer.





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