People Find A Dog Entirely Covered In Tar, Work Tirelessly To Save Her, Succeed

Proyecto 4 Patas is an Argentinean non-profit organization that stepped in when a group of locals and the firefighters brought in a rescue dog named Aloe because she was entirely covered in tar.

The dog was unable to move when a group of children found her. The firefighters helped get her unstuck and called the organization.

After 9 hours, 50 liters of oil, and 3 bathes, the 8 volunteers from the organization removed the entire tar from the dog.

Aloe is now healthy and safe and the organization believes that she fell or maybe she was intentionally thrown into a tar pit on a waste ground in Libertad, Merlo.

Aloe’s Moving Rescue Story

A group of children who were nearby found the poor Aloe after other dogs in the neighborhood began barking excessively.  

The parents of the children called the Libertad’s Volunteer Firefighters who successfully removed the dog out of the pit.

They asked for assistance on Facebook to help clean up the dog. 100 percent of the dog’s body was hardened, including her mouth, ears, nose, etc.

The firefighters were shocked and have never seen an animal in this condition, but they did their best to liberate it from the nightmare as soon as they could.

They gave her first aid, but knew that more is necessary. Together with the non-profit, they called in volunteers, brought in the needed oil, and worked tirelessly.

Soon enough, they were able to see the dog’s real appearance.

Thank You, Proyect 4 Patas

This non-profit organization has more than 313k Instagram followers and almost 2 million Facebook fans.

They’re supported by a lot of people in their fight against animal experimentation and the use of animals for food, entertainment or clothing.

They believe that all animals need to be guaranteed their basic rights, including the right to life and the right not to suffer.

What You Can Do If You Encounter a Dog Covered in Tar?

If you see an animal that’s covered in tar, contact an animal rights group and the local authorities.

While waiting for their help, there’s something you can do- massage a lot of vegetable oil into their body- this will loosen up the tar and remove it.

Don’t use kerosene as it can damage the skin of the animal!

Check out the two photos below- one’s how they found Aloe and the second one is how she looked after. Isn’t she amazing?! We love you Aloe!!





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