Can They Get any Cuter? Now, You Can Have a Miniature Cow as a Pet!

If you’re a cow lover, but you’re aware that taking care of the regular-sized ones isn’t easy, you can now choose a mini cow as a pet!

There are several specialized farms in the US which breed mini cows as pets from which you can purchase these cows!

According to a cattle breeder located in Colorado, Lovable Little Ones, these cows make exceptional pets because they’re very affectionate, social, and easy to take care of.

Mini cattle are an amazing and low-cost way to nourish responsibility in our children and show them useful fundaments of agriculture.

Best Pets ever or What?!

These miniature cows are available for $1,800 to $3,500.

The price depends on the size, color, and markings of the cow.

They’re an amazing choice for modern farms and ranches and they can even produce sufficient milk for your family needs.

Mini cattle breeds can provide you with around 1 to 1.5 gallons per milking.

That is, you can get several glasses of milk, butter and cheese per week, and some leftover milk for your loving neighbors.

Since these cows are 25 to 30 percent more feed-efficient than the regular sized ones, you’ll need only a third of the standard feed amount for each of these pets.

Since they eat less, there’s less waste you have to clean and dispose of.

Ideal Choice for Children

You can take good care of your mini cow by using a brush to clean their coat or to untangle any stuck hairs. You can enjoy these activities and spend quality time with your little ones…

You can also lead it with an easy cow halter. Your kids will love this!

Big Picture Agriculture notes that there are 26 breeds of mini cattle. You can choose them as pets, as animals for small-scale milk production or for breeding.





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