Purchase this Small Robot & It Will Help You Keep Your Plants Alive: Here’s How

We’ve been using houseplants since ancient times to decorate our homes- Romans and Greeks used them to bring color and beauty in their homes and we do the same today.

But, plants aren’t just aesthetically-pleasing, they’re also good for us in numerous ways- they can boost our mood and memory, cleanse the air, and alleviate insomnia.

However, plants aren’t easy to take care of and they demand our attention.

Unfortunately, a lot of us, though we love having plants, our lives can get really busy at times and we forget about them.

We even forget to water them! However, the HEXA multifunctional all terrain robot may be the answer we’ve been long looking for.

Take Care of Your Houseplants effortlessly with the HEXA Robot

Sun Tianqi designed the HEXA Plant. He’s the founder of Vincross. Tianqi was inspired to create something like this after seeing a dead sunflower at a flower expo. He knew that the plant would’ve survived if it was placed at a sunny area.

This happened in 2014. He recalled how the sunflower was always in shadow and it probably died because of insufficient sunlight and watering.

He created a robot planter which will move the houseplant you have in a sunny area so it can thrive.

This is a robot which always chases the sun. Its mission is to keep your plants alive- it doesn’t just find appropriate sunlight, but it also brings the plant in shade when it needs to take a rest.

Moreover, when the plant needs watering, the robot ‘throws a temper tantrum’ and it begins to stop around to inform you it’s watering time.

Doesn’t just Interact with Your Plants

Reportedly, the HEXA Robot can also ‘play’ with us if we touch its base. It will spin around and also do a happy dance in the sunny areas of your home.

The robot walks, climbs, takes photos and videos, and checks your backyards. You can connect it anywhere with its own WiFi.

In a way, the HEXA Robot is your gardening assistant and though you’ll be the one who has to water and prune and propagate your plants, this device ensures you get these things done timely.  

The robot doesn’t just crawl and stand in the sunny spot, but it also spins so that every area of the plant can soak up those sunrays.

But, to have this innovative gardening assistant which you can control using your mobile phone, you may need to spend a bit more, that is, $949.

Would you buy it? Do you need a gardening assistant like this or are you a meticulous and dedicated gardener who needs no one? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!





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