Tesla Gets a Court Order to Stop Cutting Down Trees at a Site of the 1st European Gigafactory

A German court temporarily stopped the construction activities at the site of Tesla’s first European Gigafactory because of complaints from an environmental group.

This weekend, according to a ruling by the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg, an appeal from the Green League Brandenburg over the cutting of trees at the future site of Tesla must be taken into account.

The appeal by the organization comes after the local environmental office gave the initial temporary permission to Tesla to cut away 92 hectares of forest for the building of the upcoming Gigafactory.

What Did Tesla Have to Say to the Court Order?

Tesla, according to their website, is committed to improving the natural environment near the factory and in Brandenburg.

They want to replant an area which is three times bigger than the factory plot with a variety of native trees and the possibility to become an old growth forest.

They also claim to work with environmental groups to maximize the outcome.

According to CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, the company’s first European Gigafactory would produce batteries, power trains, and electric cars.

Currently, the company has two of these in the US, one in Nevada and the other in upstate New York. They also have one in Shanghai, China.

Last month, they overtook the German Volkswagen and became the second most valued automaker globally when its market value passed the mark of $100 billion.

Some Are for It, Some Claim It Will Damage Wildlife & Water

The lawmakers from the pro-business Free Democrat and Christian Democrat parties warned that this legal battle against Tesla would cause serious damage on Germany’s image as a country where you can do business.

However, they’ve been faced with the strength of those opposing the building of this factory, including hundreds of demonstrators who protested saying it threatens local wildlife and water supplies.