After this Baby Cow Escaped a Slaughterhouse, It Was ‘Adopted’ by a Family of Deer in the Forest

When she was only 4-months-old, this calf fled from her home in Holland, New York, a farm which raises cattle for slaughter.

Bonnie ran out of there because of the desperate cries of her bovine family that was being rounded up to be taken to the slaughter house.

While her owners were busy loading the trailers with the confused cows, Bonnie (she was named by the Farm Sanctuary) went off in the nearby forest.

Bonnie Goes into the Forest, Survives Together with Deer

The news of the calf’s escape spread throughout the neighborhood fast and although people wandering through the woods could see the calf, none of them could catch her.

Several weeks passed and she was still there. A lot of people were amazed by her ability to survive on her own, in the woods, and in winter.

But, soon enough, they found out that the she wasn’t alone- she had some pretty good company.

Cameras set in the forest by hunters started catching images of Bonnie surrounded by a herd of deer. She apparently found solace in their herd and the deer accepted her well.

The cow ate, traveled, and rested with these creatures of the forest.

Although from different species, the calf was warmly welcomed into her new family after losing her biological one.

Something Needed to Be Done

Although Bonnie was apparently doing well in the forest, Becky Bartels, an animal lover, knew that this won’t go on forever.

Since she is a domesticated animal, she was facing a harsh northeastern winter. Bartels, after seeing Bonnie on a camera she set up, started to approach her.

Throughout the winter, she would trek through the snow and pull a sled with food and bedding for Bonnie.

Eventually, Bonnie who feared humans after her last encounter, started to approach Bartels for her cuddles and food.

Some of the neighbors threatened to kill Bonnie if she wandered onto their properly. Bartels knew what to do- she contacted Farm Sanctuary.

This is a non-profit that rescues and takes care of neglected, abused, and abandoned farm animals. It gives them a loving home where they don’t need to be worried about being killed for food.

After several tries, they successfully sedated Bonnie and moved her to a truck and drove her to Farm Sanctuary.

New Life in the Farm Sanctuary

After successfully surviving in the wild with her deer friends, Bonnie adjusted well to the new place in Farm Sanctuary. She made new friends and is given all the love and affection she wants.

The adorable brown and white cow is now a resident of Farm Sanctuary in Watkins, Glen in New York.

Her road was long and scary, but Bonnie made it! Isn’t she wonderful?





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