Passengers Stuck on the Cruise Ship in Japan because of the Coronavirus Are Struggling to Spend the Time

One passenger stuck on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship said that this is the ‘ship of doom’ because they feel helpless and trapped in small rooms with no windows.

The ship has started unloading some of the passengers; however, a lot of them are still inside before it’s all cleared and they can return to their normal lives.

Even though being stuck on a ship means internet, a lot of movies, and workout, this isn’t the vacation the guests on the ship expected.

According to officials, there were more than 200 cases of the COVID-19 or the coronavirus on board of the ship that’s been docked on the port of Yokohama in Japan since the 3rd of February.

How Are the Stuck Passengers Spending their Time?

For ABC’s Perspective podcast, Maggie Rulli has been speaking to the passengers who’re aboard the vessel.

John Haering and his wife Melanie went on the cruise in order to celebrate his retirement.

But, he ended up off the boat in quarantine with a 103 degree fever and a positive test for the virus. His wife remains on the ship.

Haering says he’s alone in the room and would rather go back on the cruise ship.

Being quarantined on a ship for some time can have a negative effect on people’s mental health. So, the cruise is providing entertainment packages and helping the passengers spend time with movies and workout videos.

They need to maintain their spirits high as some of the passengers are getting only one hour outside.

What’s the Situation in Japan like?

The mood on Japan land is fearful and the number of people going out for the weekends and nights has dropped.

Theaters, bars, and restaurants are half as full as they are usually. On the streets, you can see people with face masks.

Rulli said that one can’t know where the germs are and how it’s transferred.

She claims she’s washing her hands all the time and carries a sanitizer, wet wipes and is cleaning her phone all the time.

Better Safe than Sorry

With more than 1,300 deaths in China from the virus, officials don’t want to take any risks. Therefore, the ones infected or at high risk are in quarantine until they get their test results.

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