The 92-Year-Old Instagram Star Baddie Winkle Says She’s always been a Rebel

Born Helen Von Winkle in 1928, Baddie Winkle is a famous Instagram grandma from Tennessee.

She rose to fame on Instagram for her psychedelic, teen-like personal style and her carefree attitude.

She made her big breakthrough when she went to the VMA in LA, 4 or 5 years ago.

This loving granny posted her first photo on Instagram on the 10th of April in 2014 and captioned it ‘Peace and Love’.

Even though things may seem whimsical, positive, and all well today, Baddie wasn’t always happy- she was depressed for a long period of time after she lost her husband and her son.

Grandma Finds Solace in Her New Identity

Instagram’s oldest star says she has discovered comfort in her new identity. Previously, she was constantly crying as she couldn’t accept what happened.

This is when she transformed herself into Baddie Winkle.

Her granddaughter, Kennedy, always loved how her grandma looked in her clothes. One day, she tried out her granddaughter’s cutoff and her granddaughter took a photo of her and shared it online.

The followers were piling up fast and only a year after joining Instagram, Miley Cyrus shared an image of herself performing with the head of Baddie Winkle instead of her own.

Baddie Winkle says her granddaughter Kennedy is partly responsible for her stylish clothes.

With her fame growing and growing, she was more and more present in the media. She became the face of Dimepiece, an LA brand and was also featured in a VMA promo.

She also walked the red carpet at the VMAs.

Once a Rebel, Always a Rebel

Baddie Winkle claims she’s always been a rebel-type of person and this new alter ego helps her have more fun in life and take more risks.

Despite being 92, she claims she’s not an old person and she’s never been one- ‘I’m just doing my thing’.

Popular Influencer Loved by Rihanna & Miley Cyrus

Baddie Winkle also has her own beauty collection at Sephora, more than 3 million followers on Instagram, and Rihanna is one of her biggest fans.

Her style can be described as eccentric, bright, and eclectic. Even though this look may not be what people usually imagine a granny to look like, it’s definitely inspiring.

Today, a popular influencer, Winkle says that the key to a happy life is smiling at people you meet on the street, even though you don’t know them and going to church.

She claims that she’s always kind to everyone she meets and she has met so many people and believes they would say this about her.

Isn’t she lovely and full of life? We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of Baddie Winkle!





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