An Argument over the Super Bowl Winner during a Barbecue Leads to a Man Being Shot

A man from Fresno, California was shot and killed by a stranger after they got into a fight because they cheered for different Super Bowl Teams, claim the authorities.

According to the police, 34-year-old Daniel Gonzalez who’s believed to be a homeless, rode his bike up to a home in Fresno, California on Saturday, before noon.

There, the 24-year-old Frank Rojas was with a group of friends having a barbecue.

Allegedly, Gonzales started an argument with Rojas because they favored different teams on the Super Bowl.

Argument Escalates, Gonzales Shoots Rojas

After the heated argument became even more serious and turned into a dispute, Gonzalez shot Rojas in the abdomen with a makeshift weapon.

This happened a day before the big game started.

Even though the victim was immediately taken to the hospital, he didn’t make it, despite undergoing an urgent surgery.

The suspect, after allegedly shooting Rojas, tossed his makeshift weapon and fled before he was later found by the police.

Thanks to the family of Rojas, the police successfully tracked him down and arrested him at a nearby camp for homeless people.

However, his weapon hasn’t been found yet.

James Easterling, neighbor of the shot victim, said that people in their neighborhood like to come out in the front and have a good day, eat and stuff like that, so, they shouldn’t be worried about somebody driving up and shooting you because of a sports team.

Gonzalez is now facing several charges, including possession of a firearm and murder. He was already on probation and prohibited from owning a weapon.




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