Meet Amla Ruia- the Indian Water Hero Who’s Fighting against Water Crisis Efficiently

Have you heard of Amla Ruia- the woman known as the Water Mother of India?

She’s a water activist from Mumbai who participated in several projects to better the water conditions in the Rajasthan and Maharashtra states.

She founded the Aakar Charitable Trust and has been focused towards encouraging inexpensive and traditional ways of water conservation in the rural communities.

She also teaches the local population about the essence of groundwater and how to make sure there’s recharge of groundwater table.

Many Important Accomplishments by Amla Ruia

The Aakar Trust has helped build hundreds of check dams in around 115 villages throughout the state.

A check dam is a small and sometimes short-term dam made across a drainage ditch or waterway to stand against erosion by lowering the velocity of water flow.

These dams are constructed in arid areas to assist the groundwater recharge and flood water or rainwater is being kept in these aquifers. It can be used for irrigation and drinking at any time.

These constructions have affected more than 300 villages in Rajasthan. Amla prioritized the need for an adequate water source in the state since water being the basic need for our sustenance.

Thanks to Amla and her dedication, a lot of villages in this state have sufficient water.

Who’s Amla Ruia?

This 71-year-old Mumbai matriarch is one of the most prolific dam builders in the world and she’s on the forefront of India’s fight against drought.

She was born in Uttar Pradesh and was inspired to enhance the water supply in India after she witnessed the serious droughts in 1999/2000.

The dedicated social activist is considered a Water Hero because she helped create sustainable solutions for the drought-affected areas in India, but also because she involved local communities in the process.

In 2011, she was awarded with a Lakshmipat Singhania-IIM Lucknow National Leadership Award in the category of Community Service and Social Upliftement.

In 2016, she was a nominee for the Women of Worth Social Award whereas in 2018, she got the India Eye International Human Rights Observer Achievement Award.

Unfortunately, on a yearly basis, more than 300 million individuals in India are dealing with serious shortages of water.

Many people have died due to dehydration and the long distance which they had to pass in order to reach the nearest well.





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