This Golden Retriever Breaks the World Record for Holding most Tennis Balls in His Mouth

Finley is an American golden retriever who’s broken the world record for the most tennis ball in the mouth.

He was able to fit 6 tennis balls in his mouth-however, the Guinness World Records aren’t on board with this furry animal’s achievement.

His backyard hobby has made him globally famous; but, the Guinness doesn’t want to give this retriever the glory he deserves.

The dog lives in New York with human parents Cheri and Rob Molloy.

Finely, the Dog Who Can Fit 6 Tennis Balls in His Mouth

Finley lives in New York with his parents Cheri and Rob Molloy who first noticed his ‘ability’ when the dog was two years old.

Finley caught as many balls he could in the garden and now he can put six of them in the mouth without any help from his humans.

He gets in the first four very easy and then, using his paws, he puts in the two remaining ones. His owners claim that ones he gets them all in his mouth, he begins to wag his tail to ensure they’re watching him.

What an entertainer!

Not the Official Recorder for most Tennis Balls in the Mouth

The record of most tennis ball in the mouth currently belongs to Augie, another golden retriever who managed to put in 5 balls at once back in 2003.

Finley doesn’t meet the requirements for being formally recognized for his achievement according to the Guinness.

They claim these are strict paperwork rules. Therefore, his effort is still not a formal achievement and Augie remains the official recorder.

But, even though he’s not the best on paper, he’s quite the popular dog on social media- on Instagram, he has 31,600 followers who are impressed on the daily by all Finley is doing!




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