A Man from New Zealand Builds the Best Dog Library: Instead of Books, the Library Has Sticks

Because there were not enough ‘good’ sticks in the local park for their dog to play with, Andrew Taylor from New Zealand decided to stock up the park with sticks that the dogs can play with, but later return them.

He cut a dozen tree branches to a smaller size for all of the four-legged pals from their community. He also smoothed the rough edges using his tools.

Moreover, the inventive Andrew built a box where the sticks can be placed and wrote on the box ‘stick library’ as well as ‘please return’.

Every Dog in the Park Loves the Stick Library

The stick library quickly gained popularity among the neighborhood dogs- from Rottweilers to poodles, everyone loves them.

The daughter of Andrew, Tayla Reece, said that her father was inspired by their dog Bella’s immense love for sticks and the insufficient good sticks in the park.

She explained that while her dad was trimming the trees, he got a lot of branches and he came up with the idea to save them up and put them in some kind of box because it’s usually hard to find a good stick in the park.

The next day, he made the box and placed the sign on the top. He named it the stick library because it’s implied to return the stick once you’re done playing with it.

Everyone Loves the Stick Library

His daughter points out that there’s disbelief of the idea’s simplicity; however, it’s definitely an idea no one has thought of before.

The other neighborhood dog owners love the stick library because they’ve also dealt with the good stick search, which isn’t always successful.

For them, this idea makes sense.




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