Chinese Pharmacist, 28, Died after 10 Days of Helping with the Coronavirus

A 28-year-old hospital pharmacist who worked 10 days in a row while fighting the coronavirus in central China died from a heart attack.

The pharmacist Song Yingjie was part of a medical team which measured the temperatures of drivers at a motorway checkpoint in Hunan, the province that is to the south of the centre of the contagion.

He was found dead in his dormitory in the early morning on the 3rd of February. He was a native of Hengshan County in Hunan and he was a regular hospital pharmacist.

During the outbreak and before he died, he was working without a break as of the 25th of January.

The Coronavirus Took many Lives, both Directly & Indirectly

Song was set on the temperature check duties by the local health authorities as a response of the central government orders to test the motorists who’re using the biggest roads and motorways for the infection.

He worked night shifts mostly on this duty, but during the day, he was also in charge of management and distribution of medical supplies at the hospital he worked at for the past 3 years.

His colleagues are devastated by his sudden death and described him as a helpful and hardworking person.

Yang Dan who worked with him at the hospital said that Song was a valued member of their team and had a bright future ahead.  

Some reports also claim that Song was talking about visiting his sister who lived in Hubei, a province at the center of the epidemic when things calm down.

Not the First Healthcare Professional that Has Died

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a healthcare professional died while working to prevent the coronavirus from spreading- Zhang Hui, another health official, died because of a heart attack after he was helping with the motorists’ screening.

This increase in healthcare professional death raises the safety concerns for all the nurses, doctors, and other medical staff working closely with potential infected individuals.





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