A High School Running Team Takes Shelter Dogs for an Exciting Morning Run: Dogs Are Enjoying It

Animal overpopulation is a major problem, not just in the US, but almost everywhere in the world.

Shelters are full of animals and according to ASPCA, more than 1.5 million dogs and cats are euthanized yearly in the US only.

However, these numbers are dropping thanks to people who realize the importance of adoption and sterilization; however, this is still a big percentage and there’s more to be done.

Taking care for shelter animals isn’t easy and a lot of them have poor life quality. But, when there are amazing people who try to change this, we realize there’s hope for a better tomorrow.

Caring for Shelter Dogs Requires Time & Effort

Taking care for animals in shelters isn’t an easy job- you need to bring them meals, clean the place, exercise them, etc.

And, people in shelters are often in a much smaller number than the animals and there’s often not enough personnel to give the same attention to every dog and cat.

Knowing this, the amazing cross country team from the St. Joseph High School decided they won’t stay silent.

They teamed up with the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter and every day, they take a different dog from the shelter with them on their morning runs.

Stacy Silva, spokeswoman for the shelter, said that when she noticed the runners from the school one day running by the shelter, she thought ‘why aren’t they running our dogs too?’

This is a wonderful idea and it’s healthy and enjoyable, both for the youngsters and the dogs.

The Importance of Socializing Shelter Animals

In order for a dog from a shelter to be good for adoption, it needs proper socialization with other animals and running around and playing.

On the other hand, if a dog is constantly isolated, they won’t ever develop their social skills or will lose them and thus, they won’t have high chances for a forever home.

Even though hanging out for a bit with a shelter dog may not seem as too much for you, for the dog, it means the world.

Therefore, it’s very beneficial to ask local shelters for your volunteering- you can take the dogs for a run, for a walk, or give them daily ear scratches.

Same as us, dogs need interaction and giving them your time and attention several times per week can bring so much love and joy.





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