This Woman Hasn’t Drunk Water for 12 Months- She Claims It Cured Her Bad Skin, Digestive Problems & Painful Joints

Sophie Patrik is a 35-year-old woman who says she hasn’t drunk water for a year. She claims that dry fasting helped her treat numerous health problems.

She lives in Bali, Indonesia and started fasting a year ago and now, she’s free of painful joints, food allergies, puffy eyes, digestive problems, and bad skin.

This yoga teacher and nutrition coach dry fasts every day for 13 to 14 hours and when she drinks liquids, she only drinks living water like juice from fruits.

She claims that she gets all of the needed nutrients from fruits, veggies, juices, and coconut water.

Patrik emphasizes that dry fasting transformed her life.

No Water for a Year? How Is that Possible

Patrik noted that she suffered from swollen face and joints and puffiness. She was so swollen that she looked ill.

When she consulted doctors, they kept on saying that there’s nothing wrong with her and if she likes to remove the puffy eyes, she would need surgery.

But, she didn’t want this and decided to try dry fasting, something a friend of hers was also doing.

Soon after she started the fast, she was already noticing improvement- the puffiness was going away.

She decided to research dry fasting more.

Why Is Dry Fasting Beneficial?

According to her research, she discovered that consuming bottled and faucet water is overworking our kidneys and removes all of the nutrients from our body.

She claims that water isn’t necessary to stay hydrated, but that it only makes us bloated.

She explains how you realize that your body doesn’t need water once you begin to dry fast.

She claims that she now feels fuller with energy than ever before.

What’s Dry Fasting & Is It Safe for Us?

Dry fasting, also known as absolute fasting, is a restrictive fasting that removes foods and liquids from one’s diet. You can’t drink any fluids, including tea, broth, and water.

This is a very distinct fast from others which mostly encourage the consumption of water.

Some people who’re promoting it say it can help with weight loss, cell regeneration, inflammation, skin problems, and weak immunity.

But, when it comes to scientific data to prove the claimed benefits, there’s lack of it.  

In fact, in case it’s prolonged for a longer period of time or constantly repeated, it can lead to dehydration, urinary and kidney problems, nutrient deficiencies, fainting, and disordered eating, according to Health Line.




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