This Woman Claims She Lost 125 Pounds by Making a Small Change Weekly

Keely Dellit as a child was very active- both of her parents were athletes, her father was a firefighter and a surfer and her mother a police officer and a triathlete. She followed their lifestyle and ate healthy foods and played sports.

However, in puberty, she lost the interest for sport and at the age of 14, she got her first job in a fast food restaurant. This also meant she could have all the free burgers she wants.

During her work time in the restaurant, she gained a lot of weight.

In senior year, she wanted to lose weight so that she can look good for her graduation.

She lost 44 pounds through workout and calorie counting; however, when she moved out of her town after she graduated, the weight came back, plus some additional pounds.

Overweight & with a 3 Child on the Way

In the three years after moving out from her town, she had three children and weight loss somehow got lost in the way.

She actually stopped weighing herself at the end of her third pregnancy as she didn’t want to know anymore.

Turning Point after She Delivers Her Third Baby

When she got on the scale several days after birthing her third child, she weighed 278 pounds and this was her highest weight.

She was aware that a change is pivotal, not just because of her appearance, but also because she felt tired and unhealthy. And, she also wanted to get healthy for her children.

She was desperate of a change, but knew she didn’t have the time to fully dedicate herself to a new lifestyle.

She found an easy and kind way to shed pounds.

She Vows to a Tiny Change per Week

In the beginning, she didn’t stop eating the treats and fast foods she enjoyed, she just chose smaller portions.

Then, she gradually made healthier replacements-she opted for grilled instead of crispy chicken and soda for juice and then for sparkling water.

She stopped cooking white rice and used brown instead. She opted for dairy milk instead of dairy and cooked her own food instead of ordering takeout.

These small and consistent changes helped her transform her lifestyle.

Today, her diet is based on healthy and whole foods. And, she drinks a lot of water.

What Does Keely Eat During the Day?

For example, for breakfast, she has two eggs and a bowl of oatmeal with berries, for lunch a big salad with cucumbers, avocados, and lettuce with tuna or grilled chicken, for dinner fish and cooked veggies.

For snacks, she chooses carrot sticks, peanut butter or protein bars.

Health & Fitness Are now Her Passion

For the first 6 months, she didn’t have an exercise plan, but she went with the flow- she walked in the park with her children and did some workouts from YouTube.

As her strength and confidence grew, she joined a bootcamp class.

Sometimes, she even did them twice per day. She also became a certified personal trainer!

Amazingly, in 14 months, this lady lost 125 pounds. Her focus is now on building muscle and increasing her strength.

She notes that she’s beyond happy for these changes, but claims it was so hard at times.

Through weight loss, she claims she found her passion, fitness and health. She’s now eager to pass useful information for weight loss with other people who’re struggling like she did.




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