Unusual Valentine’s Day: Burger King Lets You Trade a Photo of Your Ex for a Free Sandwich

At least, your previous relationship will turn out to be enough to get a delicious, free sandwich! Valentine’s Day is approaching and surely, the last thing you want to know about is your ex.

But, you may want to think twice after you hear what Burger King has in store- you can trade these unpleasant memories for a yummy, free-of-charge burger on Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day initiative is definitely an unusual one-rather than trying to bring couples closer, Burger King focusing on improving the spirits of the scorned lovers.

The Burger King selected locations in New York, LA, San Francisco and Boston will offer the Birds of Prey-inspired breakup boxes on the 14th of February.

Birds of Prey is a new movie about Harley Quinn- a Batman villain- starring Margot Robbie. It talks about her story after she breaks up with The Joker.

If you come to one of these restaurants with a photo of our ex, you can place it inside this box and give it to the worker so that you can get a free Whopper.

Your Ex Was Good for Something Apparently

As we’re living in 2020, you can probably still find a viable photo to print and go get a free burger. Or, at least there’s some photo floating on social media, right?

But, if you don’t have, don’t worry- if you’re in New York, you can bring other stuff from your ex, for example, letters, stuffed animals or some piece of clothing.

But, if you live nowhere near these restaurants or if you don’t want anyone to see your ex, you can check out the app quiz by Burger King with 5 questions- if you answer them all, you get a free $3 Whopper.

Single & Happy & Well Fed

So, we guess that now is the best time to be single if you love hamburgers, right? The Breakup Box is a promotion of the fast food chain’s partnership with Warner Bros.

Will you head out to your nearest Burger King restaurant?! Let us know in the comment section!





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