This Private School Will Be Teaching Its Students How to Live Sustainably: Foraging & Farming Lessons Included

Bedales is a top private school in Hampshire, England and they’ve created alternative methods for common A-level programs.

The goal of these alternative courses is to ensure the students who finish their school are solid when it comes to survival.

The school that has Lily Allen and Daniel Day-Lewis as their alumni is launching a course on farming, foraging, and sustainability.

They’ve already accredited the course in order for it to hold value in the world.

Courses in Sustainable Living & Survival

This course lasts for 2 years and it has been named Living with the Land.

During these classes, the students will learn how to combine traditional ecological and sustainable practices with contemporary ones.

The course’s main focus points are cooking, traditional building, and craft skills with ecology, sustainability, and community.

The aim of this course is to create self-sufficient students in a world which is apparently changing for the worse. The three modules, that is, shelter, food, and craft have their distinct modes of teaching.

The shelter module makes sure students learn how to build sustainable homes from items they find around. The students will need to develop their quick thinking skills and will learn how to construct something out of nothing.

The food module will encourage the students to cook foods that will keep their body energized through harsh winters.

The third module concerning craft will give the students the important knowledge of vital skills like weaving, blacksmithing, etc.

At the end, the students will get a certificate and awarded with Mastery, Apprentice, or Artisan level.

Ecological Stability on Planet Earth

According to the school’s principal Magnus Basharaat, this would be the school’s support towards extinction rebellion where survival is pivotal.

He wants to ensure there’s not a single person who’ll starve in the world and to maintain the planet’s ecological stability.

Bedales is already familiar in this field because they offered alternative courses to GCSEs. However, this is the first time they’re trying out in A-levels.

An exam regulator will have to verify the course’s quality prior to its extending to other schools.





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