This Rescue Dog Saves a Litter of Kittens & Becomes their ‘Stepdad’

Aragon is a rescue dog which helped save a litter of kittens that were abandoned and he’s now playing the role of their stepdad or at least until they get adopted and find their forever homes.

This rescue dog lives in Greece and found the kittens while he was on a walk with his owner. He started to feel an unusual scent and followed it.

His scent led him to a box with little black-and-white kittens that were left on their own.

Aragon fell in love on the first sight- he immediately sniffed the sweet creatures and didn’t want to leave their side.

Thanks to his owner, Aragon didn’t have to say his goodbyes with the kittens- his owner is a volunteer at the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society so she knew immediately what she needed to do.

Sweet Dog Aragon Becomes Foster Parent to the Kittens

Aragon’s owner immediately took the kitties to her home carrying them in the box they were placed in. Throughout the whole trip, Aragon was being so sweet and kept a close eye on the box.

When they arrived with the new addition to their home, Aragon gladly took the role of the kitties’ parent and was constantly hovering over the small, fluffy balls.

He gave them multiple kisses and did all of his ‘daddy duties’ with an impressive ease. The kitties are now healthy and happy and they’re available for adoption through the SCARS organization.

Abandoned Boxes of Kittens Aren’t Unusual in the Ymittos Region

Unfortunately, abandoned kittens are common in this region. The SCARS has already saved 25 other kittens from there!

SCARS hope that this story for the abandoned kittens will motivate other people to help abandoned animals find a forever homes and of course, realize the importance of not abandoning animals!

Valia, Aragon’s owner wrote on social media that ‘this time, the kittens were lucky. We were walking Aragon near the mountain, planning to do a video on the number of animals being abandoned there when Aragon started pulling us towards their direction-basically, he was the rescuer and has been an excellent foster dad since day one’.

Valia who volunteers at SCARS also said that Aragon has been curious all the time about the kittens, since the first time he saw them.




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