This Girl Beat Cancer Twice in Her Youth-After 20 Years, She Returns to the Hospital as a Nurse

Cancer is bad and everyone knows it. And, Montana Brown, who’s now 24-years-old, is well aware of this, having been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer of the connective tissue, twice and beating it, twice.

At only 2 years, her parents were shocked after they took her to the AFLAC Cancer Center in Atlanta Georgia where she was diagnosed with cancer.

She underwent chemotherapy in the same hospital.

Thankfully, they received good news- the cancer was in remission and Montana went on to grow up healthy and happy until the next shock- the cancer had returned after 13 years.

At the age of 15, Montana and her parents needed to go through the same.

At that period, she had just tried out for the cheerleading team in her high school. She actually ran a mile with cancer and had no idea.

The symptoms were there and her parents knew something wasn’t right.

Montana Beats Cancer a Second Time

Montana had to go back to the AFLAC for treatment and it was these difficult battles that were the inspiration for her profession- a nurse.

She recalls how the nurses who took care of her were full of compassion and care.

She will never forget the love they showed to her and her family in times of need. She claims this encouraged her to become as kind and as caring as she could, same as these amazing women.

2-Time Cancer Survivor now Works as Nurse at AFLAC

After she beat cancer twice, she knew what she wanted to become in life and studied for a nurse. She became a pediatric oncology nurse.

She even started working at the very hospital where she received the treatments. On her social media, Brown wrote that working at this hospital was her ‘wildest dream’.

She also added that she’s overwhelmed about the amazing life God chose to give her and that it’s amazing and crazy and awesome and so exciting that she’ll be working for this inspirational organization.

The hospital also shared Brown’s story on their official Facebook page and also noted that she started working in September, a month of child cancer awareness!

People who commented on this story said that it’s very inspirational for all the children who’re fighting cancer.

One woman wrote ‘praying my daughter, who fought brain cancer, gets this same opportunity!’ whereas another one said ‘cancer has a way of putting life in perspective and making you dream bigger!’





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