A Dentist from Brazil Travels to Treat Poor People’s Teeth for Free

A Brazilian dentist, Felipe Rossi, is a proof that not every superhero wears a cape.

He’s been working for free in Brazil and Africa to fix the teeth of those individuals who’re unable to afford treatment.

Back in 2016, Rossi went to Mozambique together with an NGO Mission Africa and this is when he was inspired to launch his own organization that will help the underserved.

This is when his NGO Por1sorriso was born. He wanted to use his experience to help the most vulnerable people in his country.

His NGO is focused on health promotion, not limited to dental care, in poor and needy communities with scarce access to assistance.

They’ve helped in Brazil, as well as in Africa.

The Amazing Work of Felipe Rossi & His Team

Together with his crew, Rossi’s been to more than 10 different places in Brazil and also in two countries in Africa and provided modern dental treatment free-of-charge.

It all began with two of his friends. But, today, this operation is bigger and they also get some help from the Colgate brand which donates products that are necessary for these dental treatments.

After his initial travel, Rossi says he came back with so much human misery and decided to do something about it, using his dentistry expertise.

Today, he travels together with his team every month to help those in need.

Only in Brazil, more than 20 million people have never visited a dentist and this is an alarming number.

They work with people from indigenous communities, people living near rivers, residents of the northeastern backwoods, and villages in the African countries of Kenya and Mozambique.

The NGO Por1sorriso Continues Their Mission

The Por1sorriso NGO today has more than 20 people as staff and numerous volunteers who’re helping them get the job done.

Rossi says that although he founded the organization and chaired it, he values his team for doing their jobs wonderfully. Rossi is definitely a brilliant dentist and a brilliant human being!

Below, check out some of the amazing transformations that Rossi and his team completed:

Some of the people he helped were moved to tears and others felt much more confident when they walked away with a set of new pearly whites!

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