After almost 6 Years in a Kansas City Shelter, This Dog Finds a Forever Home

This dog waited for more than 5 and half years in a shelter in Kansas City to be adopted.

Today, he has a forever home after a benefactor paid $3,000 for the dog’s photo to be featured on a big billboard.

The dog named Merrick is a 6-year-old mixed breed dog salt calmly for several photo shoots and videos in a prolonged, but unsuccessful campaign on social media to find him a home after spending more than 2,000 days in the shelter Humane Society.

Nobody applied to adopt Merrick until his now-owner Jordan Nussbaum saw the photo of Merrick on a billboard in the city and persuaded his girlfriend to adopt him.

Merrick Finds a Forever Home after Waiting for so Long

Nussbaum recalls it broke his heart saying him on the billboard and thinks their meeting was destiny and the long wait was meant to be so that they can be together.  

When he first saw Merrick, it was love at first sight.

The billboard was paid by the owner of Mission Driven- Scott Poore who’s the owner of the Kansas clothing company which supports animal shelters financially.

He said it’s unbelievable that it was this difficult and he recalls how they’ve been telling the same story for more than 5 years and nothing worked.

But, after the billboard, a whole new audience appeared.

Merrick Gets a Farewell Party at the Shelter

The staff working at the shelter where Merrick was living for more than 5 years threw the dog a goodbye party.

Merrick is now enjoying his freedom and new life and runs around the large yard. According to Nussbaum, Merrick is apparently ‘in love’ with a female dog who’s living next door.

Lovely Merrick is also a social media star-his Facebook page, Merrick the Rescue Pup has more than 2,200 followers.





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