After Caring for Them in the Woods, this Homeless Man Had to Say Goodbye to these Stray Dogs

Sometimes, we all need a bit help from others.

This homeless man, 4 years ago, lived deep in the woods of the Natchez Trace State Park in Tennessee and believe it or not, he took care for 33 homeless dogs.

Unfortunately, when the man fell ill, he was no longer able to take care of them and therefore, he asked for help from the local animal rescue centers.

Later on, it was revealed that he had been living in the wild for 16 years! The centre that reached out was the Animal Rescue Corps or ARS.

They decided to help the homeless man and his numerous dogs and they informed the public about this case on their official Facebook page.

The Homeless Man Fell Ill & Couldn’t Take Care of the Dogs

The animal rescue wrote that after recent health problems, the homeless man accepted the assistance of his community and their rescue to find homes both for him and for his dogs.

The man’s biggest wish before he accepted the medical help for him was to know that the dogs will be also taken care of.

He was well aware that he couldn’t properly attend to 33 dogs in the way he wanted to.

What Kind of Dogs Was He Taking Care of?

The dogs of the homeless man were of different breeds, various colours, and sizes and they were all a big pack.

But, while caring for them in the wild, he couldn’t get them the necessary medical attention so they didn’t have the needed vaccines.

Moreover, most of the dogs were found to be infected with a parasite.

 Three of his dogs also had some injuries on the legs. But, anyhow, the man tried his best to care for them with the little he had.

The president of the ARC, Scotlund Haisley, said that the members of the community have been working closely with the man to better his life and help the dogs.

Together with the man, the ARC team round up all the dogs and got them into proper kennels so that they could be transported into the shelter and examined by vets.

Finding Forever Homes for the Dogs

ARC also updated the public on Facebook and explained that they will continue caring for the animals until they’re ultimately adopted into forever homes.

They also explained that if someone wants to foster or adopt them, they will publish a list of shelter and rescue placement partners on their page when the dogs are transferred there.

What about the Homeless Man?

The ARC reported that the man will be residing in the home of a man he’s known for several years and will get the needed medical help.

He’s beyond relieved that his dogs will be taken good care of and he said that ‘my tears are tears of joy that each will have a home.’




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