An Abandoned Dog Sleeping in the Snow for Days in Romania, until a Tourist Spots Her

A lonely dog was seen sleeping near a mountain resort in the north of Romania until a tourist spotted her and knew he needed to help her somehow.

The dog now named Indy, was lying in the snow getting some sunshine when a tourist saw her for the first time. Unfortunately, the dog seemed to be ignored and chased away by the resort’s owner because it would scare the tourists.

The hotel had instructed the staff not to give food to the dog.

The tourist brought the dog food and fed her every day while in the resort. He also bought her a crate and a warm blanket to be safe during the cold nights in Romania.

Sweet Indy had been curling up herself in the cold ground with the temperatures dropping to -20 degrees C.

Tourist Decides to Help the Dog & Take Her Out of the Resort

The tourist knew that with the cold weather and no regular food, the dog’s chances of happy and healthy life and surviving were scarce. So, he decided to look for help.

He couldn’t take Indy in because she already had several pets at home. He then turned to several rescue shelters and one of them said yes to sweet Indy.

The shelter, Howl of a Dog, agreed to take in the beautiful dog and believe it or not, her saver, the tourist, drove 500 km to bring the dog into the shelter.

Indy Is Up for Adoption & Looking for a Loving Forever Home

When the tourist brought Indy into the shelter, she was examined by a vet. She was found to be 5-years-old.

Her teeth were particularly worn day and the vets suspect she may have lived on a chain and worn her teeth down trying to get free.

Indy is a shy, but a friendly dog that’s learning quickly and is soon realizing the beauty of life. She’s been spayed and is overall in good health.

Now, she’s looking for a loving and forever home- if you want to adopt or help her find a home, the shelter helps international adoptions happen, including in the US, Canada, and Europe.

If you want more details about adopting Indy, check out this link.